It means…

… changeable strength.

That is what Mercurial Forte means to me.

I have a myriad number of hobbies. As I mentioned in the last post I turn wood and I make jewelry. I also sew, bake, I have a Pinterest problem (I’m getting help for that). I garden (in pots, I live in the desert Southwest – have you tried to dig through rocks?).

For 20 years my official – reported to the IRS – job title was Entertainment Lighting Technician. But, I was really a swing tech. I did everything at some point. I was a costumer. I was a stage manager. I ran the flys and did the office printing. I ran a concession stand. There was one summer I spent digging cable trenches and chasing skunks. Although, to be honest, the skunks chased me – and I ran. Fast.

I’ve cleaned bathrooms in the name of theatre. I’ve been a carpenter, a sculptor of foam. A nurse (when someone got hurt, I was usually the first up with an ice pack and a bandaid). There was even some metal working in there although the hot spark in my ear turned me off to that sort of activity. I’ve run sound and wired video. There’s nothing quite like doing electronic surgery on an LED panel at 2am after a 20 hour day, or with only 5 minutes to opening of doors. And then there were the moving lights. Big, heavy, computerized bundles of joy there were. “But I’m cold, I don’t want to start this morning!” Bah! They were worse than children. (I’ve heard) But, if the Intellibeams still live on at BGW (It would be a miracle) – I’m the one who put nameplates on all 24 of them and knew each unit by it’s individual quirks. “Oh, Chuck, your mirror is loose again? Let me tighten that for you and here’s a squirt of LocTite. Have a good day!”

So, there you are – Mercurial Forte is a reference to my strengths changing often – sometimes by the minute. It makes for a curious kind of life. Now it manifests less in my work and more in my private life. If I go and stand in my workshop I’ll see I forgot to list candlemaker, paper artist, and general home repair handywoman.

I do realize there are many people out there who have the same experience that I do. Everything changes. People change. I’ve just come up with a cool name for it. When I have a band, it will be Mercurial Forte. My next awesome Sci Fi character might get that name, too. 😉


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