Where to…


This is usually where I get derailed. When I’m trying to move forward but I don’t know where to go.

Hmmm… yep, I don’t even know where I’m going with this post… so I’ll try this:

This week the writing prompt for the writing group I am a member of (http://www.andilit.com/online-writing-group) was “Write about something that sucks.” Now, I suppose that might not be a very inspiring prompt the way I’ve written it there – so you should know there was an April Fool’s joke involved and there was really much more to it than that, but when you strip away all of the other parts, the basic prompt was that.

So, I think I’ll go with why writing sucks because, honestly, sometimes parts of it do. I’m not even talking about editing or taking critiques, but the actual act of stringing words together. I’ve recently discovered that I am not really the solitary person I always thought I was – whether that’s because my agoraphobia was cured by having a lobotomy or if it is because I finally had a friend – I’m not sure. (It must be the second part because I didn’t have an actual lobotomy.)

For me the worst part of writing is the loneliness. But, I think that is just a part of life that sucks, not even, necessarily, writing. Writers have a … reputation… for being loners, many of them are, but that’s not me. There are times when I have had my absolute fill of people and I am more than happy to hide in the back of my closet for a few hours, but most of the time I do enjoy some human interaction. Since I work from home I spend a lot of time alone. There are days the only other living things I see are my cats. Long story short – being lonely sucks.

I think the main character in my book is lonely. She feels she has to be, not only because of her position but to protect herself from others. The only person she relies on is Anda – her best friend, her direct subordinate. Anda has never let her down. She might have her annoying moments. She might occasionally (or often) embarrass Eff, but she’s the rock in Eff’s life and not having Anda around would be something like being unable to breathe. Why are they so close? It’s explained in chapter 7.





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