Procrastination is…

… an art.

If it had been a class in college I would’ve earned the highest grade ever awarded to any student anywhere. In fact, because of procrastination (or in spite of it) I earned a “with distinction” in my major course of study in college. I wrote my senior paper at 2 AM the night before it was due and it was in the form of a mystery/horror/detective story. Yeah, I can be creative when the need arises… And let me tell you, my ‘committee’ was entertained. The subject matter – how I revamped my college’s theatre box office – was about as dry as it gets, so the story version, complete with a ‘dark and stormy night’ was a big hit.

Anyway, back to the procrastination … as you may have heard, I’m trying to write a book. Romantic Science Fiction is the category I think it falls in to and I’ve been having some issues with staying on track.

The writing prompt from my writing group this week was “history” and while I think we were really meant to use history as in world history, I went to character history. Specifically Effone’s history. (A free picture of my ‘editor’ to the first person who gets the pronunciation of that name correct, which really means a free picture for everyone because I’ll post it here.) But, what this really is… is procrastination. I don’t want to work on my original piece by myself anymore. At least not right now. I have some things I need to do to it and I’m making a list… and actively avoiding it. So…4500 words later I have the beginnings of what could possibly be a young adult prequel. I can’t tell if that’s bad or not. If that’s good would someone please point that out to any agents they know? If it’s bad please tell my editor so she can yowl at me in her loud voice and demand treats. Oops, that reminds me – it is editor dinner time, brb…

So, now that the editors are no longer pointing out the holes in their bowls (I have *two* editors) I’ll continue with the discussion of my procrastination. I wonder, if when I get tired of this new piece, will I go back to the first one and cheat on this one with that? Probably. It’s what I do. This history though, it’s actually very interesting and might help me delve a little more deeply into the things that drive Effone in the later piece. And, possibly, Anda. It’s the story of their meeting and friendship. Maybe I can get a green light from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for the movie! I’ll be over here working on my dream cast list…




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