My last…

… post broke a little bit of my blogger self, I think.

I haven’t been able to get through a full post since. So, bear with me as I try to find my footing again.

This week’s writing prompt wanted us to explore the voice of a new character. Write from their point of view. And at first I didn’t get the idea. I started out with a piece from Effone’s point of view. This wasn’t difficult. I’ve written something like 80,000 words about her. So I thought I really hadn’t gotten the true point of the exercise – and I was correct. The point was to write from the viewpoint of a character I hadn’t written before.

So… how to talk about this without giving away my big reveal… … … since I’ve said that I can’t even tell you who I chose. Well, without giving anything away I can say he was rather distraught at the point in the story I used. It was a male character. And… I don’t think I got it. I get the point of the exercise, but he didn’t sound different, so I’m actually back to the drawing board with that. But, in spite of that, it means I might’ve learned something. I remember listening to NPR at some point and they were interviewing Emma Thompson. The question they asked that really stuck with me was about how she distinguishes between good scripts and bad scripts. Her answer was that in a bad script all of the characters sound the same. I must’ve heard this interview since I started writing my book because that has been in the back of my head.

“Don’t make them all sound the same.”

So, I try to give each of them something that only they say. Effone’s word is “fine.” Everything is always “fine”. Even her best friend points it out to her at one point. Effone and Trace have different lines for answering the comm. Fortunately, that was the way it came out from the beginning. I didn’t think that two characters with such different backgrounds would say the same things. And Anda, her mind is so completely different from everyone else’s – she couldn’t sound like anyone else if she tried. She’s really fun, and I wish I had a good reason to give her more time in the book. Or, she could be my second book…


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