Out of…

… the ordinary and into the pond of things I haven’t participated in before. This is a blog tour and I was tagged by my friend and writing coach Andi. The idea is she has posted and answered these questions on her own blog, then tagged myself and others. If I were really able to keep up I would’ve done this a week ago, but work and other bits of travel got in my way. “Better late than never” comes to mind…

Upon what are you working?

My book is tentatively titled “Separation Point”. It is a work of Romantic Science Fiction, although it probably falls more into the romance genre than anything else. I tried to make it Science Fiction for a long time, that was what it felt as if people were trying to tell me to do, but … it is romance. There’s no real way around that. People seem to think romance as a genre is trash, and a lot of the writing, I suppose, is – but that doesn’t mean the entire genre should be treated as if it was the red headed step child.

How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I have yet to run across a romance book like mine. Many are contemporary and mine is not. Many have hateful male characters who end up having a heart of gold – mine does not. Many have cars and mine has ships! Think Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow but with less Gwyneth Paltrow and more Angelina Jolie. Actually, don’t. That was a terrible movie all around.

The main character in my book, Effone (rhymes with Stephanie), doesn’t even dislike her love interest from the beginning which I think is one of the most frustrating things I find in contemporary romance. If you think he’s a scumbag, he’s probably a scumbag. If he left you pregnant and in your teens, he’s probably not going to have changed that much when you come back into town with your 5 year old in tow. I see those openings in a lot of novels and I just cringe. I wanted a romance novel with a really and truly strong female character, so I wrote one! Yes, she’s damaged by life, but… aren’t we all in one way or another?

Why do you write what you write?

It was fun. It was something to do. I know that’s not inspiring but at the time it was the truth! Now I’m writing it because I think it is a great story and I want to share it with others. Mostly it’s my characters I want to share and their experiences. I’ve been told I write engaging, likable, relatable characters and I think that’s a great reason to push them from my mind onto the page and out into the world.

How does your writing process work?

I’m not convinced I have a process. I have an idea – I write it down. I see the scene – I write it down. There isn’t a set-in-stone way I go about almost anything. And, anywhere I’ve said “I write it down.” You should realize that really means I type it into the computer, which, if I could attach to myself, I would.

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