A pitchfork…

… and someone to stand behind me with it would be good now.

It’s not that I’m not writing, it’s that I’m not writing the things I should be. Or I’m not focusing on the things I should be. That would be the editing of my last few chapters. The vicious slash and burn edit before I send it off to the two people who have agreed to read it for me. My RA from my freshman year in college – she was the only person who came to my wedding that wasn’t family – and a friend I met through online gaming who seems to have similar reading interests. I may or may not have been honest with either of them about the fact they’re about to read a romance novel… Surprise!

This is hard. The trying to figure out what needs to come out, what can come out, and where more detail needs to go in. Where have I “told” versus “shown”… or wait… am I supposed to “tell” and not “show”? I can’t keep it straight. I get the idea I’m not supposed to say “She was angry.” in a place I could’ve said “She slammed her fist into the table with a low growl.”… or something like that.

My last chapter isn’t even completely completed. Yeesh, I’m avoiding that like it’s my job! What am I afraid of? I have no idea. Is it the completion I’m afraid of? Is it the fact I’ll have to take the next step and let people see past chapter nine? No one has seen anything beyond chapter nine. Not even my editor cat. Maybe I’ll try going to the library and putting myself in a study desk. At least there I can’t be distracted by the lure of the refrigerator or the tea kettle. Perhaps a local park with a picnic table – also refrigerator and tea kettle free spaces…

Oh, and as a special bonus for reading today, here is a picture of one of my parent’s cats – Grimlin. This has got to be one of my favorite photos of her.

Grimlin is the most Zen thing on the planet.
Grimlin is the most Zen thing on the planet.

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