Car dealers…

… don’t seem to have very nice waiting rooms.

At least mine doesn’t. I suppose it could be worse. No, that’s not true. I know it could be worse. The chairs they have in my dealer’s waiting room are actually pretty comfortable, and they offer coffee if you want it. I even saw a box of Munchkins on the counter that I wanted very badly, but I’m inspired by my blog friend Coffeesnob318 to be better about the things I eat so I drank my bottle of water with a sullen frown…

While I was waiting for the scheduled maintenance to be done I sat at the only thing that had a flat surface. I started out in one of the more comfortable chairs, but my giant stack of printouts (yay! manuscriptmanuscript!) started sliding around and… it was a disaster waiting to happen. So this skinny bar type spot to the side with the less comfortable tall stools became my home for the hour. I got a lot done, I think. I was well into chapter three before I heard my name.

I worry if I’m doing this right because I’m not cutting a lot. Yes, chapters one through four have gotten quite a bit of treatment so maybe it’s simply easy right now? When I get to five is that when the wheels come off the wagon? I’ve never been one for making tough decisions…


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