On occasion…

… I need to sound out the things that are in my head.

That would seem to be what this blog is doing for me. It’s my sounding board.

In the future, perhaps I’ll use it to post some of the over 100 pages of material I wrote for my book that has ended up in either my “Strikeout Pile” or the “Unchaptered” folder.

But, for now, I’ve actually found it useful to get some of the dark thoughts out and acknowledged. For whatever reason it is easier to move past them once I’ve poured it out here.

I recently asked my writing group about how they get people to comment on their blog – and the top response was “Talk about something controversial”. Since I don’t want WWIII to start here, I think I’ll avoid that. The internet has certainly produced some monsters in its time, eh? Trolls, they call them. I was watching one of the numerous kitten cams the other night and there was one person in the chat *yelling* at the kitten foster Mom, telling her to “Stop touching the babies!”. Now, this particular cam has been around a while. The foster Mom has been fostering for years. She had the whole thing well in hand and the Mom cat didn’t seem distressed at all. So the purpose of the chat yelling was just to stir up the other chatters, I suppose. Usually I turn chat off because of the Trolls. I occasionally just like to watch kittens. They’re cute, cuddly, and they make the funniest sounds. My cats are 12 and 13 and very much *not* kittens – although Ember does a fairly good imitation when she chases her tail up the stairs. Or on the bed. Or too close to the wall so you hear this strange bumping noise at 2am that makes you get up out of bed to investigate with the metal bat in your hand.

Synchronized kitty sleeping should be a new Olympic event
Synchronized kitty sleeping should be a new Olympic event

Today’s dissertation on the internet and cats brought to you by procrastination.

I’m up to Chapter 11 in my read-through. This can’t be editing because I’m not viciously removing whole chunks of words. There have been a few additions to the Strikeout file, two pages, so far, but over eleven chapters I would think there should be more. I don’t know. This is my first time at this.

Does anyone have any insight as to how this should go? I was told that I should expect to remove approximately 30% of the material in the editing phase and… yep, 2 pages over 11 chapters is not 30%. My calculator agrees.

Part of the problem is I am not well versed in grammar or punctuation. Like I said, college was over 20 years ago and I’ve been in a technical job ever since, usually with people who had even less interest in using correct grammar and punctuation. I did, however, gain quite a four letter word vocabulary – no, that’s not true either; my co-workers usually stuck with one word that started with “f”. I was able to swear at everyone without them even knowing it. Often in other languages…. I’ve always liked words. I read the dictionary when I was younger. My Dad has this beautiful dictionary with gorgeous pictures in it. They don’t make dictionaries like that anymore.  I’m simply not so hot on the correct methods of putting the words together.


Another part of the problem is I don’t know what I’m doing. I did not take creative writing classes when I was in college, even if I did – see the above paragraph where I reveal how long ago it was and how much I haven’t used anything from the English classes since. I am not currently in a position to pay for classes – although… I’ll put that on my to-do list. There’s a local community college offering various types of “enrichment” at different times of the year. (I know! It’s hard to believe there are *schools of higher learning* in Las Vegas, but it’s true! It’s TRUE! hint: They’re not on the Strip.) I’ve tried online classes and it didn’t seem to work very well for me. I thought I finally had the comma thing down, but I was wrong.

Eventually, I’ll get around to finding the thing that works best. For now I have to just buckle down and forge ahead with what I have.



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