Reading out…

… loud really seemed to help me today.

After I tried to get back into the swing of my full book read through by forcing myself to sit down at my desk, and then promptly failing to get anything done, I went for a swim. It was a lovely day, really. Mid-90s, low humidity, light breeze which is now, at midnight, a full blown wind storm. The pool hovered at about 80 degrees F.

I never would’ve thought two degrees could make such a difference, but I much prefer an 82 degree pool to an 80 degree pool. The trick, I’ve discovered (today was a day of trick discovery), is to get into the much smaller spa section of the pool first. The spa is not heated all the time, it is, however a smaller space so when it gets the water from the solar heating panels on the roof, it gets warmer faster. So, climb in there first. Get wet. Get accustomed to a lower temperature. Then hop into the pool. It still felt cold but it wasn’t so tough to make myself get in.

Then I paddled around for about 30 minutes. It was nice.

At least after that I felt ready to focus. I still didn’t focus, but I was in the right frame of mind to consider it. I watched another episode of Mr. Selfridge and figured out dinner. I fed the cats and cleaned off my desk. Then, I sat down at my computer, watched the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie trailer again (more on that later), popped up iTunes and played “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Suede as loud as I could without it being heard outside the house (I am not a fan of bothering the neighbors). I started reading the chapter giving me fits. Chapter 12, I believe it was. I read out loud. And suddenly, I was done. Complete with fixes and re-worked paragraphs. Then I did Chapter 11.

Chapter 11 got a whole section cut out and a new section dropped in. A new section I’d written based on last week’s writing prompt from my writing group. The old section was one I hadn’t liked from the beginning and I had this lovely piece with no home… Perfect!

The palm tree in my backyard.

The plan of attack for tomorrow is similar, minus the swimming. The forecast says breezy and 75 degrees – not nearly warm enough for this pansy to dunk herself in a vat of water. But, I’ll sit down at my desk and start reading out loud again, maybe with a new choice of song for variety. I’m thinking “Shiver Shiver” by Walk the Moon. Maybe. We’ll see where the mood takes me.



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