Time to…

… think. It’s not something that’s easy to find.

I went for a haircut today. I’m trying to get my hair to add few more inches so I thought I’d try the trim every two months idea. Quite by accident I discovered the perfect stylist for me. I found the salon on Yelp, but was assigned the stylist. I really like John, actually. He does a nice job, does a little head message when he’s doing the shampoo and conditioner, and doesn’t talk while he’s working.

It’s the no talking part that is really great for me. I have an hour during which all I can do is sit there, and I think. I think about all sorts of things. This is different from sitting at home because when I’m in my house there are always a million things waiting to be attended to, whether it is the weeds in the front yard, the disorganization in the garage, or the pool needing some sort of attention in the back. The carpet constantly needs vacuuming, my desk constantly needs organization, the cats want head scratches…

The realization of how much I appreciate a non-chatty stylist hit me today as I was sitting in the chair watching John work  and contemplating the way my hair curls up when it’s wet. Then while he’s doing the blow-out I contemplate how long I can go without washing my hair because it looks fabulous when he’s done. When I walk out of the salon I stand up straighter, I smile more, I look people in the eye… it really is a little bit like having a whole new me.


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