Where do…

… I go from here?

With my book out visiting others for a while, I’m a little lost. I know a few days ago I was excited about being able to do other things, but  I’m already back to ‘What now?’

I should be writing something else, I presume, but what? I suppose I simply need to start opening my eyes  to the  world around me. That shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve got a job or two coming up that will take me out of my usual cocoon and into the big, bad world. I just have to stop worrying about keeping to myself and listen to things going on around me.

I tried that approach in the doctor’s office this morning, but I believe the couple on the other side of the room were speaking Russian, so I didn’t get much from that! Then I went to the grocery where I bought a celebratory cinnamon bun because I was deemed healthy by my doctor (sometimes you just have to do it to remind yourself they aren’t that good, then you can move past the craving). I’ll be back to counting every carrot tomorrow.

Perhaps I need to start looking into grant money. I’m sure there’s a grant out there for a woman who has quit her twenty year career, tried another, lost her client due to lack of funds (their funds), and is now looking for another and has decided to take a whack at the super competitive world of throwing words at a page to see what sticks….


And for my next trick, I’ll be self-publishing and hawking my book on a street corner in downtown Las Vegas. Maybe Tony Hsieh will take pity on me and buy a copy for each of his employees to read… or use as table props.

Ember doing her best impression of 'meh'.
Ember doing her best impression of ‘meh’.

As always, here is a photo of one of my cats as a reward for reading my ‘rantier’ posts. Ember likes to pretend she is disinterested.


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