A View – Writing 101

It’s day two of Writing 101 and the assignment is to write about the place I would go if I could zoom to any place I wanted to be.

Soft sand. Azure water. Lush greenery.


A wooden dock extending into the water so I could sit on the end under a shade umbrella and watch the sea life. The boards of the dock are grey and weathered, perhaps not the most comfortable things to sit on, but that’s why I brought my tropical pink towel with me.

When I tire of watching the water and the patterns there, I’d go back to my private villa. The vanishing edge pool greets me with its sparkling clear water, beckoning me in for a swim. I’m not giving in just yet, though. The well stocked and appointed kitchen is inviting me in for lunch.

Before I get all the way in to the kitchen a playful breeze trips through the villa as I have the slatted shutters and windows open wide and the scent of the ocean pervades the house. That same breeze lifts the gauzy curtains as it goes through and they look like wisps of ghosts.

On the cool, stone counter are  jewel-toned fruits, fresh from a nearby farmer’s market. The stainless steel appliances and cherrywood finish cabinets give the whole room an almost sterile feeling, but that’s how I like my kitchens – spotlessly clean.

Back out on the shaded deck, I settle in to one of two chaise lounges with my bowl of fresh fruit and watch with some indulgence as my husband of 13 years gets a much needed nap. He works way too much and way too hard and getting him to go on vacation is like pulling teeth, but once you get him out of the country to a place where the phone can’t constantly ring… he actually enjoys it.



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