I’ve started…

… a new story.

I think that’s what I’ll call it for now. I wouldn’t want to jinx myself so early in the game.  It is much more contemporary than my last one. It’s not great literature,  it’ll be one of those books languishing on the  shelves at the library, but I just need it to sell at this moment. I can take time to write the great American novel at a later date.Do I have it in me to write the “Great American Novel”? Maybe. Probably.

I promise, it won’t be about cats. Someone else already wrote about rabbits and I wouldn’t want to be called “derivitive”.  Okay, there is a cat in it. But I’m giving word time to dogs, too.

My female protagonist is a pet photographer and she’s just beginning to really make a living at it. Before you say ‘Wait a minute…’, I’m not a pet photographer. I don’t sell portraits to people.

This was a random cat I found in my yard one day. See? I could be a pet photographer!
This was a random cat I found in my yard one day. See? I could be a pet photographer!

Sometimes I really wish I could, though, because I’m really good with animals.  Well, most animals. The non-jump on you kind. Okay. I’m good with cats and that’s about it. I’m also not making a living at my photography. Some money, yes, a living, no.

Anyway, she runs into a man she went to college with and they really hit it off. I don’t want to give away too much because I’m just starting out with this – I have, maybe, 40 pages. 10% of the way there! But, I’m trying to follow the advice people have been cramming down my throat for the last several months – that advice being “Just write!”, or “Keep writing!” and “Don’t worry about the grammar/punctuation/spelling/quality/complete-hokiness-of-your-concept, just get it down on paper!”

I wouldn’t want anyone to say I’m not open to new ideas…


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