From My Point of View… and Mine, and Mine… Writing 101

Thursday’s Writing 101 assignment… do I have an excuse for doing it three days later? Sure. Is it a good one? No, so I won’t bore you with it. The assignment was to write a scene from different points of view and there was a specific scene suggested, but I’ve decided to use my own.

When I saw her walking across the studio I thought it couldn’t possibly be her, but the shoulder length auburn hair and the light freckles were so familiar. It had been over eight years since I saw her at our graduation from film school. She’d been sitting next to me through the ceremony as her name came right before mine – alphabetically – and I’d fully intended to say something meaningful to her before we all left. But, the ceremony ended and she was gone. It always amazed me the way she could disappear. She was one of those girls I could never really read. Throwing herself at anyone wasn’t her style and she’d certainly never shown any interest in me so I assumed she wasn’t

When I saw her and called her name, she turned – it took her full name to make that happen- and the smile I so vividly remembered appeared. The smile was tentative at first, as it had always been, but when she realized who I was the brightness of it grew and changed. She was genuinely surprised, and happy, to see me. When I got closer, it was almost as if nothing had changed – she still looked 21 – except in her eyes. Even back then her eyes seemed to hide a deep sadness, but now… the sadness was still there but overpowered by an even deeper wariness. She’d been hurt in the intervening years and the pain had chased her innocence away.


There weren’t many rules I lived by, but one of them was, “Never turn around when someone calls your first name.” Nothing good ever came from turning for your first name – especially if it was common – unless you’d done something stupid like dropped your driver’s license in the airport on the way to security. But, if someone called my first and last name? Then I figured they were probably looking for me specifically – and inside a sound stage on the lot of a major movie studio was the last place I expected to hear my full name called by random people. It wasn’t even a random person – the voice was vaguely familiar and when I turned? Speech momentarily escaped my skill set.  There were people bustling by, threading their way to the next step of their jobs… and there he was, standing ten feet away with that ridiculously handsome smile on his face.

He was older than the last time I saw him, not like ‘cryptkeeper’ older, I could see the last eight years hadn’t necessarily been all smooth sailing. There were tiny lines at the corners of his eyes and mouth – that was the most obvious difference – but I could see it in his eyes, too. A certain carefree quality wasn’t there anymore and it made me wonder what could’ve happened to him.



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