Watch your…

… use of gerunds.

Sigh. I can’t stop. I love them. They’re so… deliciously lazy…

Or so I’ve read.

Back when I started writing my first piece back in September of 2013 I wrote for the fun of it. A little later I started to think I had a good concept and a decent framework. And, while rusty, I thought I was able to tell a story well enough. And then, when I started showing it to people they said “Me likey! What happens next?” I got kind of excited.

Then, I started reading blogs. Blogs about what, you ask? Blogs about writing.


Some blogs say “Don’t use pronouns.” Okay, I can see how if every sentence starts with “He did” or “She did” then it gets bad. And boring. Change up the sentences. Got it.

Some blogs say “Flashbacks are for rookies.”  – Awesome! I am *such* a rookie. I try not to be something I’m not.

Some blogs say “Publishing is impossible. It’s easier to become Bill Gates.” … …. Well, okay, I haven’t read that blog yet, but dang! some people are big ole downers about the possibility of getting published (in the traditional market.) I’m all for realism but try to keep the crushing cynicism to a minimum, please.

And just… Oh My! can we talk about the blogs that are devoted to query letters? Holy moly! “You’ll never make it! Turn back now! Nothing but misery ahead!”

Does anyone out there have any sage advice regarding boiling 100,000 words down to 300, btw? And how to make that sound so exciting I’ll have agents (and then publishers, closely followed by movie studios) breaking down my door. (I prefer a polite knock, but, whatever – as long as the advance pays well enough to replace my door.)


One thought on “Watch your…”

  1. Go for it.! Pay attention to professionals. I’m your Mother. We (your Father and I) know you are GOOD!

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