What’s Up Wednesday: A blog hop

“What’s up Wednesday” is a blog hop I found via Jessie Humphries – author of “Killing Ruby Rose”. The originators are Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. If you like you, too, can participate every Wednesday.



I am going to start reading “Rainey Royal” by Dylan Landis. I had the opportunity to meet her and pick up her book at the ALA conference in Las Vegas last weekend. I am very glad I made the effort to go as I met many, many fabulous women writers there.


My tentative working title (how tentative? I *just* came up with it for this post) is “Photo Finish” but I imagine that title A. doesn’t work and B. is already taken. I’m having the same problems I always have – mostly self doubt that keeps me from simply getting the words out on the page. I have a bothersome voice in the back of my head that constantly babbles, “Is the conflict good enough? Is the premise ridiculous? Other writers are looking down on you and thinking ‘Oh. You write romance. You’re not a serious writer’.”

I’m also slowly starting to go back to my ‘finished’ manuscript for the 2nd editing phase. It is still with first readers but the feedback is starting to trickle in. I’m a little scared, actually, because once I get all the feedback I have to keep my promise to myself and actually send it to agents. That’s just frightening. How much rejection can I take in a year? Oh wait… I was going to go with the power of positive thinking. Right.

Synchronized kitty sleeping should be a new Olympic event
Synchronized kitty sleeping should be a new Olympic event

On my blog I’m going to make an attempt at a regular Friday post and call it “Feline Friday”. It will focus on conversations as I imagine they happen between my fabulous cats, Inkblot and Ember. The first one in the series will go up at 9:00a pst this Friday. Come back and see it!


Inspiration is everywhere but, right now, it seems to be most concentrated in my online writing group (Online Writing Community via Andilit), various Facebook groups I belong to, and Poets and Writers magazine. It was a prompt I saw in P&W that gave me the idea for “Photo Finish”.


Yesterday I braved 110 degree heat to help a friend in the next neighborhood over with a project retrofitting speaker covers! Thrilling, I know, but he offered to pay me and I usually don’t turn down money and good company (And he and his partner fed me a DELISH dinner).

I’m also working on a de-cluttering, if you will. I’m trying to go through the junk drawers I have stashed around the house and, if nothing else, get the junk organized so that when I decide I need the junk I can find it. It’s a slow process for me as I really have to be in the right frame of mind to do it. But, it is happening. I can find things in my desk drawers again.


2 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday: A blog hop”

  1. 110F? Wow, that is hot.

    Good luck with all the editing. Alas, rejections from agents is inevitable, but there’s an agent out there who will want your book 🙂

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