Feline Friday: What’s that stuff falling from the ceiling?

“Adventure cat dashes through the window door to freedom!” Ember narrated her excursion to herself as she dashed past the Mommy and out the door to the backyard. This was her favorite game – seeing if she could get out before the humans caught her. Normally they would throw her back inside the house before all four paws hit the concrete, but not today. They were waiting for something.

There was a strange smell in the air… What was that? The air in this place always smelled of dirt and dust. This smell was new. This smell – no, wait. Ember lifted her delicate pink nose to the air and sniffed some more. She knew this smell. It was a smell from her past. Was it a bad smell? She couldn’t decide.

Her enthusiasm for her trip out of doors became much more cautious. One white paw went deliberately in front of the other as if to test the cement under her.

Suddenly, something hit her in the back of the head! Then another on her shoulders! And another! Ugh! Was that… water from above? Water!

“I hate water!!” Ember yowled as she dashed back into the safety of the house, so grateful the Mommy was standing there with the window door open. “I love you, Mommy! Thank you for saving me from the water from the ceiling!” Ember yelped as she ran past and into the safety of the house. She didn’t understand the strange noise the Mommy was making, and she didn’t care. All that mattered was that she was safe from the  awful wetness. Water on her coat that matted down her fur and then trickled to her skin where it crawled around until magically disappearing? That was the WORST!

“Your precious human is laughing at you. She let you out on purpose.” Inkblot perched on the back of the couch, her two front paws daintily crossed in front of her.

Ember glared up at her older, black and white, sister. Then, with a certain amount of urgency, Ember licked her fur to get rid of the water. “Th Ommy in’t leth me outh,” Ember paused in her cleaning, “She doesn’t let me out. I slipped past her and out to freedom!”

“Did she even try to stop you? Did she put her foot out to block you or look around for you as she always does every time she opens the door?” As she spoke, Inkblot was giving the calico her usual condescending, half lidded gaze.

“The Mommy forgot. She forgets sometimes. She was probably going out to see how to stop the awful stuff coming from the ceiling out there!”

Inkblot stood up on four feet, arching her back in a luxurious stretch, “The rain from the sky? The humans cannot control that any more than they can control the sun rising in the morning.”

“But they DO control the sun! They have those things that they move on the windows. When they move them? Instant sunny spot!”

Inkblot sighed as if talking to Ember was the most taxing thing in the world. “They’re opening the curtains, not telling the sun to rise.”

Bored Ember is bored.
Bored Ember is bored.

“Marshmallows.” It was a word she’d heard the Mommy use. It sounded like something someone would say when they didn’t believe that which they were being told.

Inkblot rolled her eyes, turned around, and curled up again on the back of the couch with her back to the calico. “Yes. Marshmallows.” she muttered as she went back to sleep for another six hour nap.




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