This one…

… is going to be short because I am behind on a work project.

I’ve been logging my food intake for 66 days according to the app on my phone. And in 66 days I’ve lost enough weight to comfortably get into a pair of jeans that is one size smaller than my usual. My usual is getting baggier. It’s a nice feeling. Of course it’s not coming off as fast as I’d like and that’s because I don’t exercise regularly.

That’ll be the next phase.

Why am I going to the trouble? I want to be a better version of me. I can’t say I want to be a healthier version of me because my doctor does blood work every year and she always looks at it with some surprise in her voice, “You’re healthy. Really healthy.” Sometimes I expect her to start smacking the side of her computer screen to make sure it is functioning correctly.  Don’t get me wrong. I like my doctor. She’s cool, but I suspect she’s one of these people who has been skinny all of her life and probably scarfs cheeseburgers at night. I look at a cheeseburger sideways and gain five pounds which I’ve heard is a common problem.

Either way, she’s been very complementary to my efforts. I take about two weeks of journal with me when I go for a visit, we talk about it, and she usually says things like “No milk! Cow milk is bad!”. The great thing is she explains why and I go on about my day. (By the way, she didn’t say “Dairy is bad.” Just milk. For adults. Kids can drink up.) She also says “Spinach is good. The nonfat greek yogurt is good.” I’m sitting there thinking “Of course, spinach is good. I hate spinach.”


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