Feline Friday: The Return of the Humans

My husband and I both travel for work. Occasionally we are gone at the same time. Or, as happened this week – he left, I left, he came back, I came back, he left. He’ll be back, much to Ember’s relief. Inkblot, on the other paw, shows a preference for me. Despite her nose-in-the-air attitude, I can tell when she’s happy to see me.

“I will not engage with the rest of the world in this house right now. Go away.” Inkblot grumbled at the younger calico who was pawing at her, trying to get her to come out of hiding behind the TV cabinet.

Ember pawed her again, “But, I hear something. I hear the whirr whirr squeak noise.”

“The male human is here. He is sitting right there on the couch. I did not miss the fact that he already put a suitcase into the room we do not go.”

“Maybe the Mommy is home! I’m excited!”

Inkblot curled herself even more tightly. The humans could not be disabused of their assumptions regarding her distaste for them. Ever. If they were, especially the female, Inkblot would be subject to ‘hugs’ and ‘kisses’ all the time.

And then, there it was. The female’s voice. Inkblot remained steadfast in her mission to remain the coldhearted cat she was known to be.

“Where’s the Blot?” she heard the female human ask.

“Behind the TV. She ate dinner and then went back there to hide.”

Moments later a light appeared and the female human was looking at her from the other side, “Inky, are you okay? This is strange behavior, do you need to go to the vet?”

No! The bag! Inkblot knew she may have played her gambit a little too far. After much consideration she decided to exit the space behind the TV cabinet and succeeded in getting tangled up in the wires.After the humans made disgusting ‘Awww!’ noises, Inkblot emerged from her hiding spot to sit with her back to them. She carefully played the cold-shoulder angle for several more hours until the humans had gone to bed.

Inkblot lounges in her custom made cat-mock.
Inkblot lounges in her custom made cat-mock.

Then, and only then, did Inkblot make her way upstairs and up the pet stairs to the bed where she settled in for the night, her soft, steady purr sounding in the quiet. As much as she liked to put on her facade of indifference she really was glad of these humans.


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