I have…

… a confession to make.

I’m a bit of a quitter. When the going gets tough I’m usually the first one out the door.

It’s not that I don’t like to put effort into things, but rather that I like to get it right the first time. When I don’t – which is often – I’ll move on to the next thing. (You should see how many “draft” posts I have.)

Yesterday, I was reading along on the Romance Writers of America website and happened upon a thread called “What constitutes a romance?” Apparently, a “romance” (book) does not consist of the telling of a story of two people and their journey to their happily ever after (hereafter referred to as “HEA”). There has to be “conflict” – usually between them. He has the job she wants. She left his brother at the altar. He ran over her cat. She ran over his dog…. I really got the idea that the two characters must hate each other and then, in a moment of poor judgement, trip over themselves and fall into a conveniently located bed.

After talking to the Yahoo! group for my local RWA chapter and asking their opinion I felt a little reassured that I hadn’t completely wasted the last eight weeks, just mostly. (No one said I *had* wasted my time, that’s just me and my internal conflict.)

See, I wrote a story about two people who knew each other in college but weren’t really friends, they met eight years later and fell in love. What I didn’t do was give them “insurmountable odds” standing in the way of their HEA. So, I’m thinking about that. And trying to break my quitting streak.

I thought grammar and punctuation were my achilles heel, but it might be conflict. I don’t want my characters to dislike each other! (stamps foot indignantly) I’ll also point out that my “insurmountable odds” might be someone else’s “blips on the radar”.
What do you think of as insurmountable odds that don’t involve hatred?

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