Feline Friday: The Red Dot

We bought Inkblot a laser pointer for her first Christmas with us. She played once or twice but quickly seemed to pick up on the fact that we were controlling it. She lost interest. Ember isn’t quite as sharp, though. She hears us pick it up and from wherever she is in the house she comes running.

“I heard the rrreeeddd dddoooooooottttt!” Ember yelled as she bounded down the stairs from the upstairs landing. Sure enough, the red dot was in the middle of the living room floor.

“You know the humans are controlling it, right? I knew that within five seconds of it showing up in the house the first time.” Inkblot carefully chose a new spot in which to sit. She hated the red dot. It was a ploy by the humans to make her interact with them.

The red dot dodged around the corner into the kitchen and Ember took off after it, skidding on the tile. She was too busy to respond. The agility of the dot was astounding. It took off in the opposite direction, back across the living room. Ember took off after it, finding purchase with her claws on the carpet.

“They’re laughing at you again.” Inkblot said, her tone dripping with condescension.

“Whoooo caaaarreeessss? Thiiiisss iiiisss ffffuuuunnnn!” Ember sang as she ran past her black and white housemate. “I’m going to catch it this time!” She stopped next to a piece of furniture, waiting for the red dot to emerge from the tiny spot it had run into. She pressed her face into the space between the wall and the sofa trying to see where it had gone.

Somehow, the red dot had escaped and was now on the opposite side of the room. Ember blinked and then scrambled after it.

Inkblot found this wild chase mildly amusing especially when Ember ran past her. Inkblot waited. And waited…. and when Ember passed her again, she reached out with one paw to hit the orange spot on the back of the younger cat’s head.

“Ha!” Inkblot laughed. “Got it.”Inkblot cleans



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