The cleaning…

… it never ends.

Living in the desert has at least one drawback and that is the dust. The constant dust. I wiped a windowsill with some form of wet cleanser and mud came off. Mud. Mud, I tell you!

Despite that, I love living here. I love the lack of humidity. It’s easy to tell when it’s over 30% – I don’t even need a hygrometer – my hair puffs out like a marshmallow in a microwave and the curls stick out everywhere.

A desert denizen
A desert denizen

The only time our humidity gets above 20% is during monsoon season. We are in the depths of monsoon season. I have a love-hate relationship with monsoon season. I love the rain. Rain smells lovely and it cools the air. But it also makes the roads slick and increases the humidity (as a side note, the desert is the first place I’ve ever noticed that the humidity does not reach 100% during a rainstorm.)

The in-laws are visiting our city, and they’re coming to the house tonight. Hence the cleaning – and the removal of mud from the windowsills. I’ll be lint-rollering the couch later as cat hair should not be an element of interior decoration.

I may lint-roller the cats for good measure.


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