I don’t know…

… what to say about Robin Williams.

I am saddened by his passing. He was brilliant.

I should know by now to stay off of Facebook after things like this happen because I saw something that infuriated me.

First, I suppose I should admit I am not religious. I probably fall best into the agnostic category. I want proof. In my world, there is no proof that a higher being exists. There’s also no proof that a higher being  doesn’t  exist. Call me indecisive. Call me wishy-washy. I call myself practical.

The thing that infuriated me was a post that made it sound like if only Robin Williams had looked for Jesus he would be all right.

Sputter. SpuTTer. SpUtTeR. *#$@$!!. Cough.

Holy bleepity bleep, Batman! I’m glad that so many people in this world can find comfort in a book, but Depression is the real deal. If finding Jesus is the way for you to find solace, so be it, but it’s not the answer for most. I know people who ARE religious, have a “close relationship with Jesus,” and yet they are still victims of major depression.

Can we please stop cheapening the tragedy by telling others that, “If only he’d found Jesus, he would be okay?”

Bad words, bad words, bad words. Ohmmm.

I am angry that he couldn’t get the help he needed in time. I’m angry that my fate would likely be the same (Have you read the mental health coverage for most insurance plans? Pre or post ACA, doesn’t matter. It’s always been awful. Might as well use your dental insurance.) I’m angry we treat mental health like the red-headed step child of medicine.

In my head, in the first moments of hearing the bad news, I asked the same questions a lot of people did,

“Why did he do it?”

“Didn’t he know he was loved?”

“How could a major Hollywood star, like him, commit suicide? I mean, he has like, 45 Maseratis and a pony, right? Right?” (No, I didn’t ask this but it was time for a little comic relief. And all people of means should have a pony.)

The reality is that Depression isn’t alleviated by love, or things, or Oscars. From what I’ve read it takes psychotherapy and drugs. And those things take time. Sometimes, there’s just not enough time.



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