Feline Friday: Little Humans!

Ember's tail in the tunnel“I feel a disturbance in the house.” Inkblot watched with a wary eye as the female human dusted the bookshelves with haste. “A bad wind is blowing.”

Ember twisted her body to get more of her white belly exposed to the sunlight from the window, “Sorry, I ate some carpet earlier and it’s not agree…”

“That isn’t what I meant. The human doesn’t clean unless …” The doorbell rang, interrupting the black and white cat, “Whoops, gotta go!” Inkblot practically jumped from her hammock and ran up the stairs, all the way into the human female’s closet where she hunkered down under a gown and a coat. It was going to be a long, loud night.

Ember had gotten past the ringing of the doorbell in the past few years. Sure, it was loud, but sometimes the humans had treats delivered and she liked to make sure she was first in line.  On the other side of the door she could hear high pitched noises… that wasn’t a delivery man on the other side… it was a delivery army! What could possibly take… two… no, four…no, FIVE humans to deliver?! It was going to be awesome!!! Maybe it was a new tree that wouldn’t shed so many carpet bits. Carpet bits were so tempting…

The Daddy went to the door and opened it. What Ember saw on the other side made her heart clench in instant terror. If she was a cat who grinned, it would’ve melted slowly away into a wide eyed expression of horror. There were two normal and three short humans on the porch. The short ones barreled through the door with reckless abandon, running after her yelling, “Look at the kitty!” From a prior house long in the past, before the house with the glorious sunny spots, Ember remembered having seen short humans before. Their voices were like nails on a chalkboard to her feline ears – high and screechy. She ran.

Under the giant cat bed in the ‘master bedroom,’ Ember crouched. She could hear the noises from downstairs and wondered if they would be gone by kitty dinner time. What would she do if they weren’t? Surely her humans would provide meal delivery… but what if they couldn’t find her? Ohhh noooo! They didn’t know she was under the giant cat bed! Would they even know, or think, to look?



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