I’ve been fighting…

… my desire to hide under the bed.

Journalists being targeted (here and abroad). People fighting over religion. People shooting unarmed kids. Bad things happening to decent people. My cat sitter getting a new job. The one neighbor  I know in the neighborhood moving…

You’ll notice that I put the last two items last because they’re really the least important in the grand scheme of things. I don’t want a bunch of irate comments saying I’m shallow because I put such inconsequential things on my list. Those things still effect me and sometimes it is the small things that cause the mountain to fall.

Occasionally we just have to shut down the pipeline of information. There’s a reason I don’t work in a newsroom and it’s because I couldn’t handle the stress.

Here is something interesting I learned this week. Twitter might be one of the most reliable sources of news.

How odd.

I came to this conclusion because Twitter was where I learned about what’s going on in Ferguson. Twitter is also where I learned about the Islamic State having claimed to have beheaded a journalist. In lighter news I learned that Tom Hiddleston has tagged Benedict Cumberbatch in the ALS challenge. BC has yet to respond. Possibly because he’s not on Twitter.



2 thoughts on “I’ve been fighting…”

  1. Stop reading news! Or twitter.

    Totally works for me. I hardly ever know what is going on in the world: What journalist?

  2. Often I hide, occasionally peeking out and watching/reading some news, until it becomes too toxic for me to bear. Then I have to dig around for some good news. Watch some videos of funny dogs, even rescued dogs or dogs ecstatic when their daddy or mom comes home from the war…..The news doesn’t have to mean bad news all the time does it?

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