Feline Friday: Tiny Humans! Pt. 2

Previously on Feline Friday: Ember was hiding under the ‘giant cat bed!’ Will she get kitty dinner? Find out in… Part II

The evening was like a roller coaster. Noises floated up the stairwell. Then, it would become quiet again. Just as Ember would muster the courage to venture forth, the noise would swell again! Were they never going to leave?

“I’m going to starve!” Ember whined to herself, “I’m wasting away to nothing!”

Then… she heard it. The call of the humans. The humans she trusted. “Here, Ember! C’mere kitty!” and then the tinkly sound of kibble rattling in her ceramic bowl.


Caution was still important. There were strange smells in the air even as Ember descended the stairs.

Her ears flattened when she saw the three tiny humans sitting in a row on her couch. They watched her intently, but they remained seated.

“Are they going to pounce?” Ember whined loudly. It was obvious no one was listening as the Mommy and the Daddy simply kept preparing her meal.

“C’mon, Ember. They won’t hurt you.”

She’d believe that when she escaped with her fur untouched and intact.

With extreme caution, Ember ate her dinner. Occasionally punctuating a mouthful with a growl. Those tiny humans wanted to touch her. She knew it. She could sense their excitement. She was beginning to wish she’d followed Inkblot’s example, even though she had been about to expire from hunger…

It didn’t take long for one of the tiny humans to burst forth from their spot, reaching for her.

She spit. She growled. She ran.

“They came after you, didn’t they.” Inkblot called from her location in the closet.

Ember had hunkered down under the giant cat bed again. “Yes.” She was going to starve. To death. This was it.

Much to her relief it wasn’t long before footsteps entered the bedroom and the beloved face of her Daddy appeared. He was on his hands and knees, shining a light under the giant cat bed.

“Hi, little ‘Ber.” He pushed her bowl toward her. “You’ll be safe to eat here.” He then continued into the closet, presumably to deliver dinner to her grumpy sister, Inkblot, as well.

“Daddy’s my favorite!” Ember called out to Inkblot in between mouthfuls.

Ember on her back“Whatever.” Inkblot called back, “Tomorrow the female will be your favorite again.”

Eventually, belly full of kitty kibble, Ember was able to curl up under the giant cat bed and go to sleep and dream of a home free of tiny humans.


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