I’m listening…

… to jazz today.

My hero in “Soft Focus” is a fan of jazz music, so I thought I should try to get to know it a little better.  Dave Brubeck, Herbie Hancock, and a little of Muddy Waters’ blues.  Sometimes, research is nice – there’s been a lot of research for this book.

Type 1 diabetes, major depression, British citizenship, certain jobs in the movie industry… if you need information on any of those things let me know. I can probably help, or at least point you in the right direction.

I was actually listening to the music hoping for some inspiration or maybe an a-ha! moment. I haven’t been able to get anything meaningful out onto the page for several days which is discouraging.  But I’ve been busy with other things so my mind is going a hundred different directions. Maybe when that calms down I’ll be able to get back to it… which reminds me… brb…. Okay. Another thing I had to do is done.

I’m not sure it’s a lack of inspiration that is the problem this time. About a month ago I had over 70,000 words, and then I got into a discussion of conflict and its necessity in the romance genre. “If you don’t have conflict, you have a boring story. Or no story at all.” Which might explain why I have no friends. I avoid conflict, therefore I am boring. But – back to my point – I cut about 40,000 of those words and I’m back to flinging more words at a computer screen. I think I’m back to being afraid this is a huge waste of time.

If I learned anything while writing the last one it was that I really should listen to those who are more experienced than I. Did I have conflict? Yes. Was it good enough to carry 400 pages? Debatable.

Personally I would like to read some books where I don’t feel the characters are stupid. Ohhh, the ones in which the characters simply don’t talk about something that would be easy to talk about ? Those get chucked right over my shoulder. Virtually. I would never toss a library book. Or my e-reader.



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