Feline Friday: A little nip…

There is a small chance Ember might have a kitty drug problem…

Ember sat in the middle of the living room, sniffing the area of the carpet where the human known as “Auntie Catsitter” had left the green bits. “Auntie Catsitter” only came over when the Mommy and the Daddy were gone. “Auntie Catsitter” always left plenty of treats.

“Auntie Catsitter is my favorite!” Ember announced as she rolled in the green bits.

“Stop mumbling.” Inkblot groused. “You’re such an easy mark.”

“I love her! She comes to save us from hunger every night when the Mommy and Daddy don’t come home!”

Ember offers to shake
“Psst! Do you have any ‘nip?”

“You and your precious humans.” Inkblot knew exactly what it was that Ember was so excited about. The one known as ‘Auntie Catsitter’ had left a sprinkling of catnip on the floor. Inky never really understood Ember’s fascination. Her body was a temple! No foreign substance would pass her teeth! Except string. And electronics cables. Inkblot never could resist a good cable. Her biggest achievement so far had been chewing through a ‘Mac Power Adapter’. Ohhh, the female had been furious! It was so gratifying.

“Look at all the colors!” Ember rolled onto her back and waved her paws in the air.

“Your paws are white.”

“Isn’t white ‘all the colors’?” Ember asked, still watching her paws.

With a snap of her teeth, Inkblot stalked away from the high calico.

“Phbbt. She’s a drag.” Ember rolled back to her feet and wandered toward the ‘pantree’ where the humans kept the bucket of kitty kibble. She hoped to find a stray piece of food. Those green bits were great, but they always gave her the munchies.


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