Feline Friday: My Evil Shadow

In all of her years I don’t think Ember has ever realized her tail is permanently attached.

“Adventure cat sneaks along the darkened hallways, looking for adventure!” Ember narrated her walk through the house at two in the morning. The Mommy and the Daddy were upstairs sleeping. Her grumpy sister, Inkblot, had joined them not long ago.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ember caught movement. She turned to look, but whatever it was she’d seen disappeared as she turned. All of her life she’d felt as if a shadow followed her.

“Am I being tailed?” she asked the empty room. She spun around in a full circle, again just barely catching the shadow in her sights, but was unable to catch it in her paws. It was amazing how it always knew exactly when she was going to move. The shadow always matched her speed.

She tore across the living room and straight to the top of her tree, hoping to lose the mysterious follower. For a while, she thought she was safe – there was no sign of whatever evil stalked her. The perch at the top of her carpet-bit covered tree allowed her a wide view of the surroundings. She loved to sleep up here . Or just sit.

Motion flicked the edge of her vision. It was behind her.

With a slow and almost lazy move, Ember sat up. She didn’t want to alert the stalker that she knew it was there.

I got it!
I got it!

Pounce! Ember whirled around to get it. The evil outran her movement – as always. She whirled again… and again. Ember flew down from the top of the tree jumping from level to level until she bounced on the couch, which almost bounced her onto the floor.

At the bottom of the stairs she flipped around and… caught it! She caught it! With her own paws! It was black and orange and white. It wiggled! She opened her mouth wide, going for the kill…



6 thoughts on “Feline Friday: My Evil Shadow”

  1. lol nice job. I wonder if they actually do know that its their body, but then if they would still do that in the wild. Mau has only chased her tail in the bathtub, never any other time. Great job telling this story, we tell stories too but through video instead. Check out our video Cat Fly (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYft799-9Q8) if you’re interested. Peace ☮

  2. Thank you:) I watched your video and congrats on the toilet training (or it looked like it still might be in progress, but keep up with it!) our first cat, Inkblot, took right to it, but Ember wasn’t able to get it. Once we had to bring out the box for Ember, Inky went there, too. But is was so…it was the best cat “ownership” experience ever – not having a litter box. I miss it. I’ve been considering making short videos to go along with Feline Friday, but most of the footage would be of their daily snoozefests. 😉

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