Yesterday I…

… kind of phoned it in. My blog post, I mean. But, I really was uninspired.

I’ve been having a lot of pain lately in my shoulders and I would bet it has something to do with the way I hunch over my desk.

You see, I am short. Not off the charts short, but on the low end of normal height. I have friends who are shorter, but they never seem like it. One would think that since all I want for Christmas is to be 5’8″ – I would stand up straight. But, no. I’m a sloucher. I’ve always been a sloucher and my body is rebelling. It’s actually been rebelling against this abuse for quite some time but this round seems to be particularly bad. Pain up my arm through my neck and by the end of the day I have quite the headache.


It is an impromptu walking desk!
It is an impromptu walking desk!

So, this morning I finally tried to take charge. I set up a walking desk. This would be the combination of my husband’s rarely used treadmill (he’s a gazelle, he really doesn’t need it) and some scrap wood I had from a dismantled bookshelf. (E-books are much lighter. Yes, you’re right, when our alien overlords take over I won’t have anything to read, but I also assume I’ll have much bigger worries.)

It’s going well. I walked 2.5 miles while I beta-read a fellow FB group member’s regency romance novella . The only thing that hurt while I did that was my back which means all the slouching is making my back weak as well. My conclusion, walking is good. I should pull out the old aerobics and strength training DVDs while I’m at it.

The problem with exercise and me is that I get bored. Living in the high desert makes it hard to stick to something that involves going outside since I’m afraid of the things that lurk in the dark. I won’t go out at 5 AM which is what you have to do if you want to exercise outside.   Swimming can only be done after 4pm or I end up with skin flambe. Even then I think it’s a false sense of security – for me and my very fair skin. (No lectures! If there is light in the sky I slather on the SPF.)

I’ll have to keep at this walking desk thing. It’s 19:30 and I have no pain to speak of. This is great! This is awesome! Maybe I can wrestle up some inspiration for Feline Friday! Excuse me while I go stalk my cats… 😉


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