New ideas…

…mean new research.

So, if you’re any of the following I might have questions for you: A 018 copyproduction rigger, a rock climber, a professional baker, a member of a mountain search and rescue team (with an S+R dog is a plus). For some reason this list reminds me I need to go to REI, but as usual, I digress.

Part of my problem as a writer- or as a human being – is that I have difficulty finishing things. In the past the problem was worse than it is now. In the past it was a genetic problem. I had surgery (three surgeries, actually) and now it’s better. Now, it’s just an old habit and not a pre-disposition caused by a malfunctioning endocrine system. Now, I have no excuse.

When the going gets tough I get going – out the door to my car. Since the medical problem was resolved I’ve started finishing things – to a degree. I finished the first draft of my first novel. I finished a holiday tree built out of fishing line and glass ornaments. I even finished a jewelry display for a friend of mine (Her birthday was in March. I finally sent the thing to her in September. She loved it even though it was six months late. Yay!!)

The problem I’m having right now is the novel. There’s some sort of approach-avoidance procrastination thing going on and I haven’t been able to figure out what it is that’s holding me back. Possibly my outright fear of querying and thus rejection even though I’m “in the enviable position of having failure as an option.” Possibly a fear of success. What happens if everyone loves my book? What happens if it hits the NYT bestseller list and Hollywood comes knocking and the expectations go up?

That’s right. More pressure. I crumble like a bad gluten free cake recipe under pressure.

But I don’t really think that’s exactly what’s going on.

I need to set a date. A deadline. “This is when I am going to tear apart book number one and I will work on that until I have something query worthy. Or at least I will work on that from 9-5 and then I can play with other things outside of those hours.” (See above mentioned request for expertise) Shall I announce a date here? Will anyone actually hold me accountable? Whether my readers will hold me accountable or not, I’m going to circle October 20 on my calendar. That’s the day I will start the re-write/edit/tear apart of my first book. Then, I can tell you how the first day went on the 21st. Before 9am.

Now – off to REI!


2 thoughts on “New ideas…”

  1. My husband is a rock climber. As is Li. I’m sure they would both be happy to answer questions.

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