Feline Friday: Guard Cat!

As I’ve mentioned before, Ember is a talker. No one can sneak around our house. No one.

“Hi, Mommy!” Even at two in the morning, Ember wanted to be the perkiest cat in the household. By gosh, she was going to greet anyone and everyone. All the time. Day or night. Rain or shine.

“Shush, Ember.” The Mommy responded with a weary swipe of her hand across her eyes.

“You should go to bed, you look tired!” Ember continued her chat. IMG_2210Talking to the Mommy and the Daddy was her favorite thing to do. Well, besides eating kitty dinner. Yeah, eating kitty dinner was her most favorite thing to do.

“Ember, if you wake up the whole house, I will be upset. Now hush.”

“But, Mommy, I love you. And my kitty dinner bowl is empty.”

The Mommy didn’t say anything to this, only looking at Ember with a glare and making a pinching motion with her fingers. Hmm, well, if the Mommy wasn’t going to talk, neither was she! Anymore. For the moment. Maybe they could talk more later.

For a while the Mommy was in the ‘baff-room’ – a room Ember stayed out of because any visit she made usually ended with wet stuff in her fur. Wet stuff was the worst!

“Hi, Mommy! I love you!”  Ember reaffirmed when the Mommy exited the ‘baff-room’ rubbing at her hair with a big, soft thing. Ember liked to sit on those big, soft things – but not right after the Mommy or the Daddy had used them. Right after they came out of the nice, warm ‘dryer’ was the best time to snag a… what did the Mommy call it? To-wel. Yeah. Towel.

The Mommy dropped her towel on the giant cat bed and looked as if she was going to tell Ember to be quiet again, but Ember looked up at the Mommy with her most devastatingly cute face. Her eyes widened as far as they would go. Then the Mommy released a sigh and a smile. She picked Ember up and gave her hugs and kisses.

Hugs and kisses! Ember’s favorite, for sure!



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