Feline Friday: All The Pillows Are Belong To Me!

Inkblot does not sit on hard surfaces. If there is an unoccupied pillow in the house she is on it. Sometimes she’ll take an occupied one as I discovered the other morning when I found her on my head.

No one will deny me a pillow. In fact, I prefer stacks of pillows. Either IMG_2270on top of the giant cat bed or on one of the couches downstairs.

I suppose it can take effort to climb to the top of a stack of pillows, but as long as it doesn’t topple over, it is always worth it and my humans know my requirements. They know I prefer a pillow that is half in and half out of a sunny spot. My black fur gets hot so I make sure to only have my white underside in the light when napping. I have been attempting to cajole my humans to build a bed that tracks with the sun, but they’ve been lazy and instead occasionally move my pillow manually.

This arrangement is marginally acceptable as they wake me from my nap when they move the pillow. I give them the most condescending look I can as a means of admonishment, and go back to napping.

They know they have done wrong.




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