Feline Friday: The Humans Return Again

Ember is always excited to see us whether we’ve been gone for ten days or have just gotten out of the bathroom. Inkblot was always a bit less demonstrative… until last Tuesday.

“Hi, Ember! We missed you so much!”

Inkblot could hear the humans talking excitedly to her sister. As was her usual practice, Inkblot had hunkered down under the giant cat bed upstairs when she’d heard the low, rumbly noise that usually preceded the human’s entrance to the house.  Ember answered them with equal excitement,

“Mommy! Daddy! You came back! Yay! What’d you bring me? Are there treats? Cuddles! Yay! I love cuddles! HEY INKBLOT, THEY BROUGHT CUDDLES!!”

Inkblot begs for lap time.
Inkblot begs for lap time.

If she didn’t know better, Inkblot would think her younger sister was about to have a stroke from the excitement. She, on the other hand was conflicted. If the humans loved them so much how could they leave for extended periods of time? In fact, how could they leave for a day? Or an hour? Didn’t they know she depended on having their warm feet to sleep on?

It only took a few minutes before the female human was poking her head under the giant cat bed. Complete with a bright light. “Inky! there you are! We missed you, come out for hugs when you’re ready!”

Hugs. Inkblot scoffed at the idea that she would ever be ready for ‘hugs’.  From her humans. Ick.

Or kisses. Ick, ick!

Or head pats. Well, head pats weren’t that bad.

“I’ve been fine without hugs all week.” Inkblot reaffirmed quietly. “Yes, I like not being hugged.”

All the while, Ember has been yelling at the top of her lungs, “I LOVE HUGS! I LOVE KISSES! EVERYTHING IS MY FAVORITE!!”

She wasn’t sure what happened, maybe it was the joyous chatter from her sister, but Inkblot suddenly realized that she really had missed the humans. Sure, they’d hired Auntie Catsitter to come in every day, but Auntie Catsitter didn’t stay the night. Auntie Catsitter didn’t hold them in her warm lap.

Inkblot darted out from under the bed. “I am happy you are here!” she said before she’d really stopped to think.

Both humans stopped in their tracks. “Inky! How nice to see you so soon,” the female said, looking down at her like she’d grown a second tail.

Inkblot went on to chatter all about her week, mostly complaining about Ember, and the female responded to every comment with an “Oh, really?” or an, “Is this our cat?” The male only looked on with mild amusement or an occasional laugh.

Then, finally, the humans climbed into bed and Inkblot ignored her own rules for once, hopping up onto the bed before the humans were even settled. As they quieted, so did Inkblot, pressed up against her warm humans, purring.





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