Never before…

… have I found vacuuming to be so enticing.

I promised to start the edit/rewrite of my first book yesterday (I’m still calling it “Separation Point”) and I did. With a few false starts.

But I didn’t vacuum.

I did a lot of standing in the backyard staring at the pool, wondering why the water is so cloudy. It is now on its way to becoming clear. Murky pool water happens when you leave the country for several days.

While I stood, staring at the water, I did think about what I’m going to do. Which is, at least,  a step in some direction.

See, I entered ten pages of this manuscript in a contest a while back and received the results the day we flew out. After a mild declaration that I was done with writing and wondering what else I could find to waste my time with, I realized the timing was good. I was going to be too busy during the following days to care about the fact that I didn’t win.

Did I really expect to win?

No, I guess not… but there was that glimmer of hope. The highest score I got was a 78. 78! What is that? Like… a “D”? Maybe a C-? How hard we fall when we haven’t been to school for twenty years. The three judges did all agree on one thing – I write dialogue like a pro.

Yeah. Should’ve been a screenwriter.

While the editing had been planned, a total rewrite hadn’t. But, considering the comments of the three judges, that’s what’s happening. I should also admit that  “total rewrite” might be a bit of an overstatement.

I shouldn’t be surprised. From the beginning I broke one of the cardinal rules of fiction which is “avoid flashbacks”. Apparently it takes a lot of talent to do it well. Or practice. Maybe both.In my defense at the time I started writing SP, I didn’t know flashbacks were verboten. Yes, yes, ignorance is no excuse, blah, blah, blah. Got it. Making amends now.

So, there’s my plan. I’m removing all flashbacks and starting when the hero and heroine first meet. In theory – or in my head – that means I really don’t have that much work ahead of me. The ideas are already there, I just have to rewrite … everything.



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