Feline Friday: The Monster in the House

Like most cats, Inkblot and Ember run from the doorbell and the vacuum. No cats were vacuumed during the making of this blog post.

Inkblot and Ember were settling in to their sunny spots for the morning when the female human made a loud noise. And then another. And another.

“Too much fall dust in this house.” She muttered while wiping at her nose.

Ember looked at Inkblot from her perch on the sun drenched cat-mock. “What’s dust?”

“Dust is something that makes the humans make loud noises.” Inkblot wriggled just enough to get her white underside back into the sunlight.

“Oh. Okay.” Ember watched the Mommy for a moment. “She looks like she’s about to get up from her desk. I call dibs on her chair if she does.”

“There is no sun there.”

In fact, the Mommy did get up from her chair, and Ember took advantage. She was snuggled in to the soft cushion when she saw Inkblot sit up with alarm.

“The female is going for the monster!” Inkblot said, moving into a crouch, ready to run.

Kept by the front door was a large … thing. Ember didn’t know what to call it, but it was big and whenever the Mommy pulled it out the sounds were terrifying.

Both cats watched as the Mommy unwound the long cable and even plugged it in to the wall. There was still a chance she would get distracted…

The thing roared to life, growling and whining. Ember stared at it for a split second as the Mommy stood behind it and seemed to help it move along… toward her! Nooo! Betrayal! Ember leapt out of the chair. She knew the Mommy didn’t like it when she took over the desk chair, but this was too far! Chasing the poor kitty with the horrible monster was overreaction!

Ember ran as fast as her crouched position would carry her up the stairs, away from the monster.

Inkblot in the cat-mock, Ember in solar charge position. The paws up position is for maximum solar collection.

It was only five minutes later when the monster quieted and Ember crawled out of the closet in the Daddy’s office. She carefully peered over the edge of the stairway, looking for evidence of the monster, but the Mommy was winding its cable onto its back. That always meant she was done.

Ember sprawled in the sunny spot again, one watchful eye on the now quiet monster in the corner. She knew she’d forget about it soon as she started her solar charging process for the day.





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