A day…

… late.

How does the saying go? “I love the sound a deadline makes as it goes whooshing by.” -it’s something like that.

I suppose that if I’m going to miss a deadline my Tuesday post is the one to miss. I have all of three regular readers for Feline Friday. I’d hate to disappoint them. (Ember loves her audience.)

I’ve been  distracted lately with the book. It’s going. It could even be described as going well.

But, of course, I have questions and doubts and a sore … well, I’m not really sure what it is. Ischium, I think. I’ll put it like this. My butt bone hurts. Not the tailbone. The one that sits on a bicycle seat – that’s the one that hurts. Long story short – the husband and I bought bikes and are trying to actually ride them without dying in traffic. It’s a process.

But the book is going well and as usual I’m putting the cart before the horse by worrying about the length, whether I’m going to go traditional or self publish, how I’m going to spend the millions that are certainly coming my way… (hey, I can dream). I should be specific – millions of dollars. I don’t want millions of angry readers, or millions of bees. Not even millions of cats (although…)

Which reminds me – HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY! Give your cat a big hug and kiss from me. 😉




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