A Quick…


Because I am excellent at leaving things to the very last possible second (and then pulling a “with distinction” out of my rear) – what is the general consensus on NaNoWriMo? Is it helpful? Hurtful? Since I’m madly rewriting/rewriting/rewriting could it help or hurt? Right at this moment (well, okay, not THIS moment) I’m putting out new material, but I don’t know if I’m going to plow through and rewrite the whole thing or simply modify when I get to material I’ve already written.

I’ve never tried NaNoWriMo and I get the impression it is meant for new work, but I really need to stay focused on the current because I think it is my best chance at fame and fortune (or simply getting out of my mid-life rut crisis).

Thoughts? (And, quick, ’cause Nov. 1 is right there! I can see it behind Halloween!!)


2 thoughts on “A Quick…”

  1. My experience has been best with NaNoWriMo on years when I have a fresh idea that I just need to get down. It’s good if you:
    1. …need to work on the discipline of writing regularly and/or producing a lot of content
    2. …are working on a first draft.
    3. …have 50,000 words left on a current project that you want to get done.

    It’s less useful if you:
    1. …would have to stop what you’re doing to come up with something new to work on.
    2. …are using it as justification to write less the rest of the year because “I already wrote so much.”

    Technically, it’s designed for a new project that is a novel (i.e., fiction), but whatever. I do what I want. This year, I’m working on an ebook to go with a course I’m going to teach next spring, which is definitely not fiction. As far as the “rules” go, don’t worry about the supposed-tos.

  2. Thanks! It sounds like I should probably put off my participation in NaNoWriMo… although I do have a couple of other things bouncing around in my head… but that means taking the focus off of SP and … see above regarding my search for fame and fortune. 😉

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