Feline Friday: Scary cat stories!

This year Ember is going to be a St. Bernard for Halloween. Inkblot… will be grumpy. As usual.

A thrilled mini St. Bernard.
A thrilled mini St. Bernard.

“It was a dark and stormy night…” Ember started her story only to be abruptly interrupted.

“That’s not scary. We’re indoor cats.”

“It is if the Mommy tricks you in to running through the back door!”

Inkblot nodded in agreement. On occasion the humans could be diabolical.

“How about this one…”

“Is it about the vacuum?”

Yes. “No!” Ember gave a little pout, the vacuum was as scary as the doorbell.

“Is it about tiny humans?”

“Well, they are pretty terrifying.”

Inkblot made a sound indicating her agreement. Tiny humans had grabby hands. Come to think of it, so did the big humans. Everyone wanted to touch her soft, luxurious coat. “Wait,” Inkblot sat up as the brilliant idea struck her. She knew Ember’s worst fear, “I have one.”

“Ooh, what?”

“Feeding time approached as it always did every day. The female opened the closet, and reached for the food scoop. The lid to the food bucket opened,” Inkblot paused to make a crrreeeaaakkk noise, “and it was EMPTY! Bwaha-ha-ha-ha!”

Ember cowered in horror, “Noooo!”




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