Feline Friday: A Photographic Retrospective

I went looking for photos of the kitties this evening and wow, did I fall down a rabbit hole filled with cuteness…

Ember modelsThe Mommy likes to tell me what a great cat I am. “Baby Ember” she calls me. Then she tells me I’m super-cute. I have to agree. I am also beautiful when I want to be.

Ember kitten eatsWhen I was a kitten, it was allEmber kitten in tree cuteness all the time.



Spider KittenEven when I climbed the screens.


Back then, Inkblot and I used to sleep together. We’d play and wrestle. We were the most awesomest kitties in the world!Ink and Em caught




Ember eats McDThen I started to grow up and the Mommy caught me in some … compromising situations. Before you call the kitty abuse hotline, the Mommy doesn’t allow the Daddy to bring that tasty stuff from that place into the house anymore, so I can’t explore the bags anymore. Sadface. Those bags always smelled so good.


To give Inkblot equal embarrassment time, here’s a gag reel photo of Comic Blother.



Inkblot modelsShe’s gonna kill me for that, so here are a couple of her in her “I’m going to be a model” phase.Ink in wiindow



When she realized the long hours it takes, she changed her mind about that.


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