Things one…

… doesn’t want to hear when there are people working in your house.

1. THAT doesn’t look good.

2. THAT is expensive. (‘That is’ could be switched with ‘Those are’)

3. This floor was poured for carpet. (When you’re not installing carpet.)

Does anyone know where I can acquire gluten-free ramen noodles? (The husband is allergic to wheat)

The sub-contractors haven’t brought any new concerns to me yet and I had my earplugs in for a majority of the conversation, so it’s possible they weren’t talking about my house. Not likely, though. I expect the phone to ring any moment now with a request for more funds.

Moral of the story, educate yourself before you decide to install a different type of flooring from the one currently installed in your house. The contractor may or may not tell you (and may not be able to predict) everything. (We’re removing 10 year old carpet and installing laminate.)

I did try to convince my husband to simply go for concrete (downstairs) and chipboard (upstairs), but he said no. I think it could be a thing!


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