Feline Friday: Training

We picked Inkblot (or she picked us) in 2001. From the start we could tell she was quite a smart kitty. 

Back in the days BE (Before Ember), I was the queen of my domain. I never had to share the pillows, I never had to protect my food, all the toys were mine, and I had no litter box.

It is true. I was a cat without a box.

IMG_4150The humans showed me how to use their ‘toilet’. They marveled over how quickly I learned (two weeks!). They told their friends. They gave me my own bathroom.

Little did I know, they felt the need to grow the family.

Little Ember arrived in April. The humans brought her home from the pound and cooed over her cuteness. My job was to put her in her place – to show her who was leader… who was queen. I did this by hissing and growling.

To protest this invasion – an invasion on which I was not consulted – I went back to the litter box. The new addition was unable to grasp the concept of the toilet. She fell in. So, the humans had to bring back the box and I went back to using it.

The humans still take the time to marvel over why I would return to the box after using the toilet. I won’t tell them, but I’ll tell you – it’s the litter. I love to scratch around in it. Sometimes when I’m bored, I attempt to dig to China.






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