The rain…

… is falling, and it is wonderful.

Before we moved to the desert someone told me I would come to be very excited when it rained. What they didn’t know was that I am always excited when it rains.

After more than thirty days of sunny, cloudless skies I must say I welcome it more than I have in the past and as I stood on the back patio sipping a drink, watching the drops bounce in the pool, I think I may have finally come up with the opening line of my “Great American Novel.”

I won’t share it with you at this point for two reasons – A. I don’t want you all to tell me that my opening line was already taken. I have to get the story on paper first, and worry about logistics afterwards. B. I’m a suspicious sort.

For now, it is post-it noted to my monitor. Maybe I’ll save it for next year’s NaNoWriMo. Maybe I’ll start working on it in the new year.

Rain through the back windowEither way, after having had the flooring replaced we moved my desk to the back window where I can sit and stare at the backyard. The rain is plopping down to make small bubbles on the pool as it hits the water. The drops that hit the window leave trails as they make their way down the glass. Some go quickly. Others go at a much more leisurely pace communing with other drops before they all collect at the bottom of the pane. Where they go after that, I’m not sure.




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