Feline Friday: The Warm in the Wall

If I feel as cold as I feel, I can’t imagine how cold the kitties feel!

The days seem shorter.

There is less time in the sunny spots each day and the sunny spots aren’t as warm as they used to be. The humans adjust the blinds for us. They move our pillows for us.

It is not enough.

Recently the female opened the squeaky-clangy grate in the wall and after some grumbling and a lot of noise, she sat back on her heels, flipped a switch on the wall… and warm started coming from the wall. And light. A yellow, flickery light.

At first she put one of our hammocks in front of this warm, but it took Ember refusing to stay for the female to realize the hammock needed more padding. There is now a blanket in the hammock. A grey, fuzzy blanket. The blanket I like to sleep on.

I now sleep in front of the warm in the wall as much as possible. It’s not always on, never after the humans go to bed, which is okay. I sleepIMG_2081 with them upstairs in the giant cat bed – they insist on sleeping in the giant cat bed no matter how much I try to push them out once they’ve warmed it for me. It’s one of the great mysteries, I mean, obviously it is a cat bed. Sometimes I sleep on the pillows that were placed there for my comfort. I always use the stairs to get up on the giant cat bed. For a cat bed it is far off the floor but I think the humans did that so I could view my domain from high above – as I like to do.


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