Apologies are …

… not supposed to be necessary for bloggers. Or people who write blog posts. I read that somewhere. “Don’t apologize for not posting.” Well, I want to because I have no excuse other than I didn’t do it. Again. Sound familiar?

Today is my parent’s 51st wedding anniversary. I think that’s right – if I’ve counted correctly which is highly unlikely. That’s a long time to put up with another person. I never dreamed I’d be married for 13 years to the same person. I thought that he’d get tired of me long, long ago – but 51 years is soooo much longer than 13.

Maybe I’ll start telling people that we stay together for the sake of our cats. (It’s not true. We stay together because we like each other. A lot.)

I’m not sure what it is that keeps us together. We’re similar yet completely different. I like to think I’m predictably unpredictable – is that what he likes? Or is it my hair that I keep long because he likes it? (I like it long, too, but I could save oodles of money in conditioner if I cut it short.) Is it that he simply doesn’t want to have to date again? We’re both fairly non-confrontational, easy-going, calm, cool. We both love our furry little children – he’d never had a cat before he met me. We got our first to go with our new house after we got married. I couldn’t tell you who loves the cats more, though. I hug them and kiss them and think about buying new toys that they never play with, but he lets them sleep on his side of the bed without kicking them out. I think he uses it as an excuse to encroach on my side of the bed. You wouldn’t think two twelve pound cats could take up so much real estate…


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