Feline Friday: Spa Day – New Fur Puller Outer!

I don’t know what made me do it, but one day I had my trusty lint roller out. Ember walked by and I, in a moment of Oh-what the heck-let’s-see-what-happens, started to roll it over her coat. For a moment she looked very confused, but then the purring started. Then, the squeaky purring started. She goes nuts every time I pick it up now.

I am a kitty in possession of a super soft coat. I know it because, well, I’m wearing it, but also the Mommy likes to hold me, and pet me, and rub me, and give me kisses! The problem with my super soft coat is that I clean often to keep my white fur sparkly clean. The extra gets stuck to my tongue. Then I swallow it. Then I leave it in places that make the Mommy yell a lot.

Not nearly often enough the Mommy pulls out this red thing from the kitty drawer, we go outside, and then she rubs me all over with it. I like the red thing, it’s got these tiny fingers on it that pull at my fur and get the loose stuff out, but the Mommy won’t use it inside. I think I’d get the red thing more often if she’d use it inside.IMG_9055

There is one thing she’ll use. It makes a funny ripping sound as she rolls it over the couch and her clothes. One day, she held it out to me and I wasn’t that interested. I mean, if it isn’t a treat what’s the use of it? She rolled it over me and at first I didn’t like it. It tugged at my fur, both the stuff that was still attached and the stuff that wasn’t. I’m glad I let her keep going, as I got used to it I realized it was just like getting a good scratching. When the Mommy is cleaning the cat beds in the living room, I follow her around asking for more “rollering”. I have heard her using it and come bounding out of whatever kitty bed I was in at the time. It’s almost as good as treats!IMG_9048


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