Feline Friday: Boxing Day

I know my cats have no concept of the holidays, but they sure do love any day that involves boxes.

“This tree appears every year.” Inkblot commented to her sister as they sat in the loft.

“Who cares about the tree? Look at the boxes underneath! Little boxes and big boxes – enough boxes to sit in a different one each day for a whole week!” Ember nearly danced in her spot. Boxes were her favorite!Ember box copy

Inkblot flicked her tail and resettled it around her feet. “I make it my mission every year to defeat this tree. I killed the last one they had.”

“What, why?!” Ember said, looking at her sister with incredulity, “Why would you kill a tree that makes boxes appear?”

“It is my duty as a cat.” The answer was that simple. “I cannot allow the humans to have nice things.”

“But, but… what about us?! We deserve nice boxes.”

Inkblot couldn’t argue with that logic, even if it was Ember’s logic. “I suppose I could call a truce for this year, but I will have to negotiate again next year.”

“Ask for another soft bed. We need enough of those to match the number of boxes!”



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