Feline Friday: How to Call Your Humans

A howling cat is certainly a rousing experience.

“Heehee. Wanna hear something funny?”

Ember and Inkblot sat in the kitchen one early morning while the humans still slept.

Inkblot looked at her sister with mild amusement. “Is it a fart joke?”

A snorted giggle floated through the room. “No. I only told that joke that one time.”

“I don’t find your sophomoric humor interesting at all.”

“Fine. I’ll tell this cat that standing on the back patio, but that means I’m going to have to yell real loud so he can hear me through the door.”

Ember proceeded to howl at the top of her lungs so the fluffy, grey cat that sat outside could be sure to hear. Inkblot didn’t stop her even though she knew what would happen.

In moments there were not one, but two humans thundering down the stairs yelling. “Ember! What’s wrong honey? Did you break your leg, are you hurt?” They ran to her with an I’ve-just-been-awakened-from-a-sound-sleep sort of disjointedness to their movements.

“Mommy! I was telling this other cat a funny joke!” Ember said as she wound her way through her human’s legs. She purred for extra effect.

The humans wandered away grumbling under their breath, “Crazy cat.”

“What? I’m not crazy. I was trying to make friends!”

Inkblot sat in a dark corner, snickering.

This is what Ember thinks of us trying to get actual sleep in our own bed.
This is what Ember thinks of us trying to get actual sleep in our own bed.

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