Over two…

…months after having emptied our house of everything I’m still putting things back into their spaces. Today I marked the wall, hammered nails and hangers, then finally placed my prized photos.

My favorite photos from years of pointing my camera at things
My favorite photos from years of pointing my camera at things

Of course, I’m beginning to wonder just how ‘prized’ they are considering it took over two months to get them out of their storage box. I also cleaned one of two display cabinets and placed our prodigious collection of shot glasses inside.

For a long time we would buy a shot glass in every city we visited. I suppose that might sound clichè, but shot glasses are the easiest souvenir to find. I think there has been only one place we weren’t able to find one and that was Monaco. We ended up with a tiny piece of pottery that had a picture of Monaco on the side. It was about the size of a shot glass, so it fits into the cabinet just fine. It seems that we end up in a lot of the same cities now, so the shot glass collection has mostly stagnated except when we go international. I also just realized that despite having been to London and Newcastle-upon-Tyne twice last year I do not have a London or a Newcastle shot glass. Guess I’ve gotta go back! 😉

In other news I’m up to 6,000 words on my submission to the thing I was so vague about last Tuesday. That’s frightening for some reason. Maybe it’s because I won’t have any excuse not to try? I know some of the others submitting (maybe all… probably all…) are published already which is making me run around in circles waving my arms over my head in … something… fright, maybe? I’m not great with pressure or competition so why do I keep falling in to high pressure occupations? Glutton for punishment, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Over two…”

  1. Eeeee! I am excited about the thing you’re writing!

    I think we’re going to start to collect mugs from places we visit. A friend of mine does it and I think it’s kinda fun 🙂

    1. I’m up to alternately loving the thing I’m writing and hating it within the span of two hours. Hehe… 😉 My husband travels quite a bit for work – and I used to travel, not quite as much anymore. Mugs are also easy to find in many places!

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