My short…

… story has been released upon an unsuspecting fellow FB group member.

I finally got to the point where I could no longer stand to smash my forehead upon my desk and have asked for help.

Writing is a solitary thing to do and I am a solitary kind of person. Except when I’m not. Sometimes I really want to share and I want pats on the head. (Getting a ‘like’ on this blog is a virtual pat on the head.) Sometimes (most of the time?) I want to know that I’m not just wasting my time because if I am then I should move on to something else. Sometimes I just need one little word of encouragement. Words of encouragement are like catnip!

My short story is a condensed version of the third idea I had for a book. A single day out of the main character’s life. It’s probably one of those things that’s been done to death, but I’m still catching up on my reading so I’m not completely sure about that.

I sent the piece this morning and I’ve been preoccupied about it since. I just hope she doesn’t open it up and after reading a paragraph have her nose wrinkle in “Oh, this is bad.”

There have been many books I’ve tried reading within the last year that have made me do that, including books by people who have agents and big three publishers. Sometimes I push on through. Sometimes I toss the book over my shoulder and try the next. The thing I need to get better at is figuring out whether the book is actually bad or if it simply isn’t my taste. I may have a very narrow taste. I like books with cats in them.


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